• How Piracy Can Hurt Consumers

    By Michael D. Smith, Brett Danaher & Rahul Telang
  • Drawing the Line: Infringement or Fair Use?

    By Dr. George Ford, Chief Economist at the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy Studies
  • Overbroad Safe Harbors - A Threat to a Healthy Internet

    By Dr. George S. Ford
  • App Piracy Stifles Innovation, Harms Consumers

    By Ruth Vitale, CEO, Creative Future
  • Running with the pirate hunters: How AI is creating an online piracy arms race

    By Thomas McMullan
  • How Google Is Killing the Independent Movie Industry

    By Cassian Elwes
  • Torrent Freak Still Selling Piracy as Ideology

    By David Newhoff
  • The Importance of Ending the Internet as We Know It

    By Neil Turkewitz

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