• Seven Wacky January Holidays and the ‘How Google Fights Piracy’ Report

  • Looking Back at International Copyright Developments in 2018

    By Hugh Stephens, Distinguished Fellow, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Vice Chair, Canadian Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation (PECC)
  • Burning Man: Art Is Everywhere – Even in the Desert

  • The CCIA And The Future Of Copyright Enforcement In The EU

  • An Open Letter To Facebook About An ‘Issue of National Importance’ – ‘Political’ Ad Filtering

    By Ruth Vitale, CEO, Creative Future
  • Disruptive or Additive: Will Broadcast and OTT Platforms Co-Exist?

  • A Must-Win Battle: Grappling with Content Piracy in a Hyper-Connected World

  • Fake News – Where will the Solution Come From?


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