Creative First Celebrates World IP Day with the US Consulate


Creative First

26th April is World Intellectual Property Day. A day earmarked to talk about the importance of protecting the intellectual property of creators of all art forms - filmmakers, writers, musicians, designers, artists, inventors and everyone else who creates something original. 


Creative First, as part of it’s continuous outreach efforts, celebrated the occasion in association with the U.S. Consulate, Mumbai, with a screening of the Warner Bros. production Shazam! The evening was attended by 75 special invitees including filmmakers, business personalities, lawyers and law students along with iBenjamin East - Public Affairs Director USG, Jyoti Kapur Das - Filmmaker, Manisha Lakhe - Film Critic, Ramesh Tekwani - Film Journalist.


The evening opened with Benjamin East, Public Affairs Director, USG sharing an insightful, and extremely interesting, background of IP protection and copyright and thestory of the creation of the character Shazam! The transition of the comic book hero from Captain Marvel to Shazam is an interesting one that dates back to the 1939 and journeys through several litigious milestones to arrive at the current version of Shazam!, as we know him today. A detailed account of this is available here.


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