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    Movie Marketing Mantras

    By Vishal Ramchandani, Head of Marketing, Excel Entertainment
  • New

    A Round-Up of Some of the Wonderful Stan Lee Tributes

    By Bryan Abrams, Editor-in-chief, 'The Credits'
  • New

    I Tried to Make Piracy Work for My Film – but Pirates Don’t Work for Anyone

    By Richard Schenkman, Screenwriter, Producer and Director
  • New

    Maharashtra’s Big Push to Eliminate Piracy

    By Brijesh Singh, Special Inspector General of Police, Cyber, Government of Maharashtra

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    Behind The Screens!

    By Kamal Gianchandani, CEO – PVR Pictures and Chief of Strategy, PVR Ltd.
  • Trending

    Online Piracy of Live Sports Telecasts In India

    By Seemantani Sharma, International Copyright Lawyer, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union

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