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    Supporting India’s next generation of storytellers

    By Akshat Agarwal, Legal Analyst, Koan Advisory
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    [FICCI FRAMES IN FOCUS] Catalysing the Indian Sports Economy through Broadcasting

    By Varun Ramdas, Legal Analyst, Koan Advisory
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    [FICCI FRAMES IN FOCUS] Indian Cinema and the Man with the Midas Touch

    By Trishi Jindal, Legal Associate, Koan Advisory
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    [FICCI FRAMES IN FOCUS] Recognizing Government as a Stakeholder


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    Online Piracy of Live Sports Telecasts In India

    By Seemantani Sharma, International Copyright Lawyer, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union
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    Maharashtra’s Big Push to Eliminate Piracy

    By Brijesh Singh, Special Inspector General of Police, Cyber, Government of Maharashtra

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